HS Youth Ministry

St Thomas More High School Youth Ministry Program

The mission of the High School Youth Ministry program of the Parish of St. Thomas More is to support and guide our teens in their continuing faith journey through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so that they may stay active and grow in their relationships with God, their community and the world at large.

The goals of the St Thomas More Youth Ministry program are:

  1. To engage students in faith formation as a life-long process.
  2. To assist students in recognizing that faith formation is a process and to support them where they are as they search for clarity.
  3. To be active participants in the Liturgy and at the Table of the Lord within their faith community.
  4. To integrate students into the Parish community through mentoring, teaching and service opportunities so they reap the benefits from engagement in the Parish and community at large.
  5. To empower students so see themselves as role models for the youth of the Parish and their larger community.
  6. To guide students to the completion of the preparation program for receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.
  7. To engage the students in opportunities of leadership in their faith and provide opportunities to learn how they can live their faith beyond high school.

Implementation of program

  1. Teaching: Life teen program: http://catholicyouthministry.com/ Catholic moral decision making, social justice issues
  2. Prayer: Dead Theologians Society: http://www.deadtheologianssociety.com/; Adoration, rosary, reflections, liturgical specials: Lent , Advent - Attend weekly Mass and special services - Attend reconciliation
  3. Retreats/Youth Conferences: all teens are expected to attend NH Youthfest and a confirmation retreat. Other opportunities available such as Steubenville East.
  4. Service: Individual service is encouraged, 10 hours of group service each year is required. Pease Greeters, Parents Night Out, food pantry, community events, yard sale, Christmas Fair, Thanksgiving baskets, Faith formation - Support for projects and special events for young children of parish.
  5. Fellowship: Minute to win it, Yankee Swap, Bowling, Skiing, movie night, lock ins, etc.
  6. Leadership Council: opportunities for older/confirmed high school students - Participating in spiritual events and connecting with other religious youth in the community. Support/run DTS and small discussion groups at Life Teen
    Attending regional and national Catholic youth events. Leaders in service and social justice projects
  7. Confirmation preparation program

Saturday, 5pm; Sunday, 9am & 11:15am

Sunday, 5pm UNH Mass (when University is in session)

Mass or Communion Service
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays at 12:10pm
Services held in the Church
During the summer, services are held in the Student Center Prayer Room


St. Thomas More

STM Parish Office Business Hours
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 9am to 3pm
Wednesday, 9am to 1pm
(with the exception of holidays)
Summer hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs 9am - 1pm (June - mid August)
If you need a special appointment, please call: 868-2666




The 200 Monthly Raffle takes place at a coffee and donuts social after the 9:00 AM Mass on the 4th Sunday of every month