Confirmation Prep

holyspiritIn addition to participation in a comprehensive youth ministry program within a parish and/or theology classes and Campus Ministry in a Catholic High School, the Diocese recommends that immediate preparation for Confirmation consist of a six to eight week period of preparatory catechesis. The preparation should include the rites, symbols, the connection to Baptism, the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and living as disciples of Christ.

The preparation for the sacrament is exactly that — preparation for a sacrament, it is not an entire faith formation program. Candidates are expected to participate in a broader faith formation program such as the parish High School Youth Ministry or Catholic School Campus Ministry.

After two years of active participation in a High School Youth Ministry, a teen, who is a sophomore or older, can choose to be confirmed. The following is an overview of the components of the Confirmation prep program.

  • December 1st, letter of intent due to the team
  • January, interviews with team
  • Attend all sessions:
      Feb initial session,
      2nd session March/April with Fr Andy (or during the summer, depending on availability)
      6 sessions during summer week, 3-4 hrs each session
  • Complete homework and written components
  • Attend Mass every week
  • 10 hours of group community service offered by HSYM each year
  • Attend Reconciliation prior to Confirmation (part of sessions)
  • Attend service day on the Saturday before Palm Sunday
  • Attend Confirmation Retreat (registration and fee required)
  • Attend/participate in Holy Thursday Mass
  • Choose a sponsor
  • Have regular contact with sponsor (in person, electronically, phone)
  • Interview with Fr. Andy
  • Continue to participate in HYSM (DTS, LifeTeen and service)
  • Confirmation Fall of junior year

Saturday, 5pm; Sunday, 9am & 11:15am

Sunday, 5pm UNH Mass (when University is in session)

Mass or Communion Service
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays at 12:10pm
Services held in the Church
During the summer, services are held in the Student Center Prayer Room


St. Thomas More

STM Parish Office Business Hours
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 9am to 3pm
Wednesday, 9am to 1pm
(with the exception of holidays)
Summer hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs 9am - 1pm (June - mid August)
If you need a special appointment, please call: 868-2666




The 200 Monthly Raffle takes place at a coffee and donuts social after the 9:00 AM Mass on the 4th Sunday of every month