Happy Fall~
First, let me extend our gratitude for your desire to volunteer to work with the youth of our parish! As you may know, STM takes pride in offering our children a safe, fun environment in which to learn more about the church and their faith journey! Thank you for taking the time to share your talents with our children.
As Ann McGurty, our Faith Formation Coordinator, may have told you, in order to volunteer to be a teacher in the FF program, you must partake in the “Shield the Vulnerable” child safety training. Part of the process also includes filling out paperwork for the Diocese. When you went onto the church’s website, you saw that there are several papers that need to be downloaded and filled out. Also included were instructions as to how to do the online training—print those out for your information.

For the remaining pages, I’d like to explain each page for you so that you are not confused as to what needs to be completed and where those papers need to go once you’ve filled them out.
ALL papers that you fill out need to be returned to me, Maura Slavin, at the STM Office (located in the Student Center building, which is next door to the church). You cannot e-mail the forms to me, for they all require signatures from you. You can leave the paperwork for me in the office anytime the office is open.  See the home page for current office hours.
1)  Volunteer Application: complete & sign
2)  Choicepoint Form: This form is to be filled out by any person who lived in a state other than Massachusetts or New Hampshire in the past five (5) years.
3)  CORI: This form is to be filled out by any person who lived in the state of Massachusetts in the past five (5) years.  Please note that a staff member of St. Thomas More (Fr. Andy, Ann McGurty, Regina Attisano, Felicia Sperry, anyone who works in the office, or me) must verify your identification.
4)  Criminal Release Form: Everyone must fill this form out.  Please note that you need to sign this in front of a notary.  Most banks and some libraries and workplaces have notaries.
5)  Code and Policy form: if you are doing the online training—you will actually be filling this form out at the end of the training. When you finish the online training, it will ask you if you want to digitally sign the Policy form—click the yes box. You can print a copy of this for your records. No need to give me a copy, for it will automatically generate on the Diocese database.
Again, if you have ANY questions about the paperwork, please don’t hesitate to contact me here at the office: 868-2666 x 110, or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thank you~ may you be blessed!
Maura Slavin, Safe Environment Coordinator

Required On line Training "Shield the Vulnerable"
Go to: http://www.shieldthevulnerable.org  

• Click on “First Time Signup”
• On the “Pick Type” dropdown list, choose Catholic Dioceses
• Choose Manchester Diocese (NH) from the second dropdown list and click “Confirm”
• Enter your registration information and click “Next Step”;
• Choose Employee or Volunteer and select the appropriate choices that follow;
• Review your information, accept the license and click “Confirm Signup”;
• Once registered, you will automatically be taken to the training area. Click the green button next to the course listing to begin.

Note: Additional trainings may be listed. These are optional and are marked as such.
*Your name will also be checked on the national sex offender registry www.nsopw.gov

Click here to see the letter from Bishop Libasci concerning this topic.
Click here for more information on what the diocese is doing to offer help and support.

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An Introduction to Music Theory
with Mr. Eric J. Bermani
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The 200 Monthly Raffle takes place at a coffee and donuts social after the 9:00 AM Mass on the 4th Sunday of every month